Who Cares?! (13 images)

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"Who Cares?!" is a project in which the concepts of harmony, shame, common sense, serenity, difficulty and beautyness are twisted and casted doubt. Here there are the stories about the trasformation of people involved. People that have charateristics that are usually and socially considered "disharmonic" begin to reinterpret anything about themselves giving new forms to themselves and to their charateristics that felt shame to them. No sentimentalism, no nostalgia or sadness but only a lot of positive energy arised from "whom that don't care about", whom, althuough the social trends, conquer their own life in a own way, with joy and folly, that folly of whom know look beyond and enjoy the life. The transformation happen in a play moment, in the pure and ancestral meaning.

The illustrations in the photos interacts with the supposed nonconformities in ironic way, to exorcise what it's been always demonized and held in a taboo. One descent in the shadow of their own unconscious and of their own fears to came out victorious. One woman without one breast, one girl with the spastic quadriplegia on their wheelchair, one girl with spots on the skin and on the face, a boy with the albinism, a woman and a man with the first signs of the time that passes, a woman with the alopecia, a guy without one eye, a guy with a deformed leg. Presences and absences, abundances and deficiencies are change through a sciamanic and alchemical ritual in which the plumb of the life becomes precious gold.

Likewise the fragments of architecture in which are made photographs in urban environment, encompassed by nature, abandoned and without its own use or purpose, acquire a new value. What it is considered rubble is taken and rebuilt in other environments assuming a new life and restoring the magical atmosphere of the act in its own instant of the photo shoot. A wall, the earth, the grass, the insects, the temperature with the aid of the air conditioner, the humidity, the smells, the feeling of walking on fresh ground. A transmutation that occurs not only in people who are photographed, but a change acted also on environmental elements neglected, even giving specific sensorial inputs to those who live the installation, leading them to become participants of those moments.

  • The project was included by Celeste Prize in Editors' Choices of the month of November 2015 and has been used by the network to advertise the contest "Taboo".
  • "Who Cares ?!" It was exhibited in Cosenza in BoCs_Art during the artist residency of "Martedì Critici" by Alberto Dambruoso.
  • "Faster than you!" (the photo about the boy in the space with his great propeller-leg) it's been selected by "LYNX - International Contemporary Art Prize". The heroic protagonist of this work is Fabio Secci (I suggest to look his instagram profile about his project that is closely linked to "Who Cares ?!" : https://www.instagram.com/seccifabio/ )