Lègami (14 images)

Performance against the restraint
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Lègami (bonds) is an interactive performance dedicated to the restraint and acted without notice of the public and the speakers for four hours during the national conference "Without Chains - The horror of the judicial psychiatric hospitals" as a disturbing element and reflection about the way in which people of the field, representatives of organizations and professionals, are laid to the restraint.
"Women and men tied at the conference by a nurse at the convention hall grate, with long chains of white cloth, they looked toward the public supplicants, pleading to be loose, looking for a link with the people who were close to them. After grueling hours of confusion and widespread unease in the room, where no one seemed to know how to behave, young performers dressed in white have dissolved their nodes and embraced one by one the participants in the conference. The wire containment loses its meaning to become friendly search for a link with the Other. In one word it is contained the sense of action performative: "legami" (bonds). Under the direction of Fabio Costantino Macis the performers: Marco Casto, Andrea Pilo, Michele Pumpkin, Enrico Steri, Fedrica Ibba, with the participation special Noemi Medas. "
(Antonello Mosso)

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