In Attesa (4 images)

Surreal and absurd art installation about Waiting and Hope
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In Attesa (Waiting for) is an installation that interacts with the performance "Slaves of the routines". A clock and a faucet both suspended in the air. Fluctuating but still as they had been frozen forever in a photograph. Their static and lightness contrast with the rush of peak in the performance, peak dictated by the only one part in movement: the pointer. Movement that constantly breaks the silence by imposing its rhythm. "Nothing happens" for seven consecutive days in that surreal and unsustainable space, despite the apparent flow of time. "Waiting for" is an incentive to think about the futility of hope. The hope that the water sooner or later comes out of that faucet, the hope that something will change on its own without any intervention on our part.

The installation was exhibited during the national exhibition Manicomi Aperti, an event dedicated to the mental health conception.

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